Snow Sprint Race - following FFST (IFSS) regulations.


Racing categories: SP8, SP6, SP4, SP2, Skijo (1 dog) and white Canicross. Race in two rounds.


Single price all categories: 45 € / registration (no meal included) for 2 days of racing. white canicross 35€.


Refund policy: Online refund until mars, 10th. Beyond that date no refund will be made.


Beyond January, 10th 2021 increase of € 5 per inscription.


Registration deadline: March,  10th 2021. The race will serve as a support for the regional snow championships of the Ligue Occitanie dog harnesses (runners from the CPSTC, Moutain Dogs, Gous-Crew and ASTRAPE clubs)


Submit your registration on the Canicompet website. Click here Musher-Race 2021









● Samedi 27 janvier:                         ● Dimanche : 28 janvier



o remise des Dossards : 10h00-11h30                                                                                      o Musher meeting 8h30




o Musher Meeting : 13h00                                                                                      o 1 er départ : 9h00



o 1 er départ : 13h50                                                                                              o Remise des récompenses 14h.